Chukka Cocktail™


The Chukka Cocktail™ was designed having spent many years at polo where the only real all day summer drink is Pimm’s. Whilst Pimm’s is great, we feel that it can be overly sweet which does not fit with the modern discerning drinker.

Therefore, we felt that there was a real opportunity to create an inherently British summertime cocktail fashioned around old style lemonade. This drink should be of wide appeal as although the alcohol content is relatively high, the alcohol is not overpowering owing to the smoothness of
British Polo Gin Botanical.

We feel that the Chukka Cocktail™ works so well because we directly wrote the recipe for the gin, with the end cocktail in mind, as opposed to creating a cocktail around an existing spirit. 

To find the closest watering hole in which to
enjoy a Chukka Cocktail™, please check out
our Instagram account, britishpologin,
or get in touch via email.
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